Thursday 26 April 2018

Spoke tension meter calibration device

If you're watching this blog you realized (I hope) that in all my work I constantly seek for improvement and perfection.

While the custom wheel building business is really well developed there are few tools which you are not easy to get or the prices are so high that it doesn't justify the investment. Due to that usually people either don't have those tools or use some home-made workarounds. However, if we are talking about high-end custom wheels is there a place for workarounds? Of course the answer is "NO" and therefore in order to close this gap I decided to develop few own branded tools which should be in every good wheel-building workshop. 

The first one in the queue is the "Spoke tensiometer calibration device" 

Friday 6 April 2018

What's the road cycling about?

Different people, different idea for road cycling but for me the road cycling is like working in the bank on manager's position. Every morning you prep yourself for a professional day by treating your body with a shower, favorite cosmetics, healthy breakfast and finally dressing the stylish outfit. 
All must be perfect, you must be perfect. You feel energized, fit and ready to make this day your day.

So... what is the link between the manager and road cycling? Let me walk you through my thoughts.