Friday, 13 September 2019

E-urobike 2019

Eurobike is sort of "must to do" for everybody who is connected to cycling business. It's an opportunity to meet suppliers face to face and check what's new coming into the market...

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Ultra wide alloy wheels - "The climbers" series

For those who know me or bought wheels from me, know that I'm very far from empty marketing. I will never advert something which is not true. My objective is to provide unique and high quality wheels, always configured for specific rider's needs so they fit like a gloves from day one.

Above can be fulfilled only by constant research, testing and networking. Only then you get access to new manufacturers and products which often are not exposed to public. Living my sixth year in Swiss Alps gives me an excellent opportunity to test different wheel's configs as basically there are no flat sections around. Just doing 40km near home I'm easily making 1000m climb and that is a real test lab for my products.

Today I have a pleasure to introduce my new type of alloy wheels which are based on ultra wide rims. What benefits give a wide rim? Read further to find out.