Friday 16 December 2022

Blackcat is back!

So here it is... one and half year since the last post on my blog. Time flies really fast, especially when many things happen. Any many things did happen in my life recently. This entry is a snapshot of my relocation to Poland and more...


First of all, due to professional & private reasons I left my beloved Switzerland and moved back to Poland, my home country. Although I still miss Swiss, I deeply believe that every change is good. It provides new opportunities, getting you out of your comfort zone, shapes character and makes you stronger. All in all this was third country relocation in our life (me & my family) so we’re used to it somehow. My daughter was born in Frankfurt Germany, my son was born in Vevey Switzerland and now we are back on our homeland. Lots of stories to tell!

Wrocław, our new home

Project house

After we moved back, we didn't have any own place to live, so we decided to build one. My plan was to do it as quickly as possible as I had to come back to work and wanted to re-open wheel-building services ASAP. I knew that longer I wait, more difficult it will be to come back to cycling market. 

We started like this, from the corn field:

One month later, our house came and got assembled in three days:

House assembly by Wolfhaus 

Three months from start, house was ready:

Project workshop

Having place to live was one thing, but having place to work with wheels was another one. I always dreamed about workshop close to my home so I could literally walk there barefoot and keep eye on my kids while working. Wheel building requires space, tools and place for customers. Separate building was my choice and so... I built the second one :)

Wheels shop is located on 1st floor

Project video

Now, I was wondering how to show you the interior of my new shop. Obviously, my choice went for pictures, but by chance I met Przemek, who is a top skilled video editor and runs The Faith studio.  He agreed to make some video material about me, my work and few interesting projects which will be released soon. 

Work with Przemek was a pleasure. He knows his profession very well, uses top equipment and has truly art soul. The result? Here it is, judge yourself

If you'll ever think about video editor or photographer, don't look further. I highly recommend to contact with Przemek and have conversation. You won't be disappointed!

So this is it, my last one and half year. The most busiest time of my life so far. In between I did many unique and top wheels projects which will be published here soon. I also promise to use more videos than pictures so you'll find this place even more interesting. 

Stay tuned and don't hesitate to contact me if you're looking for new set of wheels!



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