Wheels inquiry

As you probably already noticed I take few important aspects into consideration before I suggest the wheels configuration to you. 

Every build is different and that's why wheel building is so interesting job. All wheels which you see on the blog and shop are real but that doesn't mean that you should take the exact same configuration.

Your weight, power, riding style and budget are very important to me, therefore I ask every potential customer to fill the form and send it to me. 

Steps are simple:
  1. Download and fill this form
  2. Send it back to me on: [email protected] mail 
  3. I'll send you back few options and if you'll find them interesting we will narrow down the quotation to the final wheels setup
  4. If all is good I'll send you the quotation in the system and after your approval I'll start my job. No pre-payment is required!
  5. Depending on the time of the year it will take me from 1-4 weeks to build your dream set. I know it might be a long waiting time but remember that all is handmade with highest possible precision. My advice is to contact me in advance if you consider my services. 
  6. After the job is done you'll get the invoice. You can pay using credit card, PayPal or cash at the pickup. 
  7. After the payment I'll send you the wheels, well packed in a solid box. I usually use DPD services with world wide shipment option if required. 
  8. Once you get your wheels, all you need to do is to install them as soon as possible and enjoy the ride!
  9. I will always appreciate some good words spread around so any post/review on facebook, instagram or your personal blog will be awesome!

... and that's all. Hope it's clear and easy for you. In case of any questions just drop me a message.



  1. Looking for duke lucky jack sls 6ters
    Boost hubs carbon ti or equivalent, 28 spoke sapim cxray and secure lock nipples. Should be approximately 1230gr.

    1. hello, no problem. Please contact me via email on [email protected]