Thursday 30 April 2020

Triplet hubs & wheels from BlackCat

The more wheels you build, the more you learn. Experience is something that comes with time and amount of wheels going through your workshop. Rims, hubs, spokes, wheels - you see them all... those good and those really bad... but well marketed.
On top, if you ride them all, you get something which others don't - you confront theory vs practice. You test them not only on the paper but primarily in real-time conditions, in my case: the Swiss Alps. 

Dear reader, today I'd like to introduce you to BlackCat triplet wheels.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Schmolke carbon rims - how much premium is in the premium?

Schmolke carbon wheels, a dream for most of us, the road cyclists. Top premium brand, known for lightweight, and beautiful carbon components.

I remember, when I was starting my wheel building business, I was dreaming about such top projects. Today, a few years later, such builds became reality and thus I wanted to share with you some wheel building insights about Schmolke rims.