CX/Gravel wheels

Here are couple of wheels examples which I built in the past. You can use that as reference for your build or you can let me know what are you looking for and I will design your new wheels from the scratch.
Feel free to check also the on-line shop. You will find there all actual wheels, components and prices. 

1. Carbon Gravel/CX wheels
Carbon is as strong as aluminum, therefore it's used in Gravel, CX and MTB wheels. Lower weight and deeper rims profiles give additional benefits to improve the rides sensations.

Mid-hook carbon rims
Tubeless setup is very popular in gravel/cx world. Wider rims and tires allowed to develop so called mid-hook standard where rim beds are angled a bit to keep the tire more securely when running on higher pressures. That makes the wheels perfect for using 28mm road tires or 35-40mm for gravel/cx configs.
Rims have 22mm inner, 30mm outer width and come with several height options: 33mm - 55mm
Price starts from 900 CHF

2. Aluminum Disc
Similar to road, looking on aluminum options, Kinlin is my no. #1 choice but that's not the only brand I'm using.

Kinlin XR-31T
Deep & wide aluminum rim, with reasonable weight, aero benefits and very high stiffness. Highly recommend disc version for gravel bikes. Looks beautiful, very nice finish like in BMW "Piano" interior.
Price tag from 500CHF and higher depending on configuration (hubs, spokes etc.)

Kinlin XR-26T
Shallower & lighter brother of XR31T. Very good price, excellent weight and same good stiffness.

Price with bitex hubs starts from 649 CHF. Example of such build here

Archetype - a bit more classy, but very good looking rim. The brake track is hard anodized so can be used with rim or disc brakes. Comes in various configurations with DT-Swiss, Bitex, Aivee hubs etc.
Price tag from 299CHF