About me

Welcome to Blackcat wheels!

Since you came here it means that either you're looking for good pair of wheels or you simply enjoy my photos and scenery...
Anyhow it would be good if you'd know a bit about me

First of all I love riding my bikes and I use every single, little and big occasion to hop on the saddle and enjoy the ride. 

The place where I live - Swiss Alps  is absolutely heaven for cyclists so it would be a sin to not use it.
In 2021 I relocated back to Poland, Wrocław. I moved my workshop and service there. I still visit Swiss on regular basis, but my new location and place where wheels are made is Poland now.

I'm using two steel bikes which I built by myself: 

Ritchey Road Logic

Cotic X

Apart of cycling my biggest passion is wheel building. After several years of wheel building for my friends and clubs I decided to expand my offer to wider audience and therefore I created Blackcat wheels company.

Why "Black cat"? Here is the story

My philosophy is simple: 
"I ride the wheels I build. I build the wheels for riders"

The meaning of this is that I do ride most of the wheels I build so I really know what I'm doing. My work is not based on wonderful marketing, colorful pages and promises. It's about real experience, knowledge, patience, precision and pure handcraft. 

Using my services you will get my support and professional advice from the first day of our interaction. I put a lot of focus & time to ensure that your new wheels will match 100% of your requirements. As a result you'll get a high-end product which will serve you for years.

The way how I build the wheels is described here

I'm very confident with my work so I give life-time trueness warranty for all my wheels I build. 

You can find most of my wheel work on this blog, Instagram or Facebook
If you are interested in particular setup, or you want something totally different just drop me an email on [email protected]

I live in Vevey so if you're around you are always welcome to visit me, my workshop and have chat/coffee or simply ride with me.