Sunday 20 May 2018

Slow, crazy ride

Sometimes, or in my case very often, the planned rides do not go according the plan. The Saturday's loop supposed to be a slow, endurance ride... until I met the LCT team during the descend from Les Mosses ;-)

It's been a second time this year (2018) when I climbed from Vevey to Les Mosses through Bulle/Gruyers. The plan was to have a endurance and steady ride.
Les Mosses welcomed me with the rain so I had a break and waited until the shower will be over. Without any rush I started one of my favorite descends to Aigle.

Road got dry and views were fantastic so I was going with my usual pace until I met on my way some of the LCT (Lavaux Cycling Club) folks. 

One who rode with them know that they're fast... As soon as I came close enough few looks were enough to start some fun ;-)

In the tunnel we started to gain the speed and soon LCT leader launched like a rocket

I'm not a good descender and I ride the steel endurance bike (ritchey road logic)... BUT I love challenges so without any thinking I put all my power into the pedals and started crazy descend

Oh boy, I can tell you that this ride was awesome! 
Chasing and being chased. There was speed, switch backs, adrenaline and some technical turns. All cool things of the road cycling.
I only regret that I didn't stop in Aigle to say hello to the guys. @LCT - I guess I own you a coffee next time :-)

Strava shows 8th time this year. Not too bad overall :-)
Hope to have more of those rides this year


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