Friday 21 September 2018

Kinlin XR22T with Acros hub build

If you're reading my blog you could realize the very often I use Kinlin rims for my road and gravel builds. No surprise as those rims are really fantastic in terms of strength, stiffness and price-value ratio. 
So far I mostly used Kinlin XR31T and XR26T but recently I had the opportunity to use XR22T model.

The build was done for Roland for whom I did couple of wheel-sets already. This time Roland came with the idea for his new wheels so I just validated if the build will be stable and stiff.

We ended up with the following:
  • Kinlin XR22T 20h front and 24h asymmetric rear wheel 
  • DT 240S front hub
  • Acros nineteen rear hub
  • Pillar Wing20 spokes
  • Alu 14mm nipples
All in black, no decals on rims nor hubs

Rims weight approx 450g and have wide, modern design. Kinlin use a KLM41 aluminum alloy (niobium is one of the alloying elements) to create a very light and stiff rim. It has a thick spoke nipple bed so is fine for any rider and safe for high spoke tensions.

For the build I used latest generation of the spokes from Pillar - Wing20. They are very light, stiffer than CX-Rays and have enforced J-Bend elbow which makes them stronger than any other classical road spoke.
They lay very well in the hub's spoke holes with almost no play which paired with proper build and spoke alignment makes the whole set very durable.

Thanks to lightweight components and new spokes the total weight of the set is 1410g. Having in mind the high class hubs with proper and solid bearings that's a very good result.

Acros nineteen hub has very similar geometry as Soul Kozak hub. Quite narrow flange spacing and nice, loud sound which I personally like a lot.
That kind of hub and rim with the offset allows to achieve very nice, high NDR spoke tension which guarantees long durability of the wheel and no spoke "pings" during climbs when a lot of power is put into the pedals.

As for all my builds I use tubeless tape, two layers for wheels with inner tubes. Tape and installation comes for free as part of the build.

Last but not least, some people complain that the joint of the Kinlin rims is not the best in class and sometimes some brake rub can be felt. For all my builds, using wet and dry sanding I work out the joint to make it completely smooth so during braking there is no vibration or pulsation.

Summarizing, if you're looking for nice, light and wide profile wheels, such set is definitely worth of consideration. 


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  1. Perfect work! I'm happy! I'm looking forward to the wheels. Cheers Roland