Wednesday 14 November 2018

Gotthard pass, I hate you!

Gotthard pass, I hate you! This is what I thought when I had to shorten my Alpenbrevet route. That day I promised to myself that I will ride this mountain in the coming weeks...

I'm always saying that the best road trips are the spontaneous ones. This one was exactly like that. No big plans, middle of the week, perfect weather so without thinking to much I jumped into the train early morning and went to Brig from where I rode Nufenen, Gotthard and Furka pass.

Nothing in my pockets except one banana, bar, gel and camera. It made me feel like a small Sunday loop so at the end it was the nicest ride over those passes I've ever done.

It was also a very good test of carbon rims with textured graphene brake track. They performed flawlessly and soon after that I had the opportunity to test them in full rain. But that's the topic for the next blog entry...

Meantime, let the photos speak themselves


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  1. Fast, dependable and lower priced the best organized….