Sunday 3 November 2019

Industry 9 using Blackcat spoke tension meter calibration jig!

Hard work pays back! With real pleasure, I can already share that Industry 9, one of the biggest manufacturers of brilliant hubs & wheels will be using our spoke tension meter calibration tool! 

Most of us, the wheel builders understand that the right spoke tension is one of the absolute keys for strong and long-lasting wheels. 

The project of spoke tension meter calibration jig started more than a year ago. Our idea was to build a modular jig which would allow to calibrate any tension meter with any kind of spokes:
- stainless steel
- titanium
- alloy
- polymer (ex. berd)
- carbon
- Straight pull and J-bend (any length)

The journey was long. First working prototype was announced in April 2018 and then in January 2019 we released the production version 

The latest model was sold and shipped to many wheel builders around the world. Recognition and purchase from Industry 9 is a real confirmation of the right idea.

For Industry 9 and their custom alloy SP spokes our tool worked out of the box. The carbon spoke holders were ideal to hold I9 spokes. The only "customization" we made was the spoke "nut". 

As you might now Industry 9 has a very interesting concept of spokes where spoke thread goes directly into the hub. In order to mount their spoke into calibration jig we made sort of nipple with exact thread matching the TPI of the spoke thread. In that way, guys from Industry 9 will be able to mount their spokes, tension to specific values and calibrate their tension meters.

The rest of the tool wasn't modified. 

Some minor improvements were applied based on the feedback of the existing builder using the jig. One of the examples is the new screw handle. Instead of a wheel, we will be using a bit smaller and handy handle. 

If you're interested in such tool or have questions just drop me the note. We are currently working on the new production batch so it's not yet too late to place the order.

Pricing and more details in the shop. Note that you can order a base only if you already have a digital scale or you want to use a load cell. If you don't have any measuring device then it's recommended to purchase base+scale in one package.

We ship worldwide, the price is calculated individually based on the destination country.