Saturday 14 March 2020

Tune silver road hubs with carbon Duke rims - ideal match!

Silver hubs with carbon rims was always my ideal combination. Such mix looks lovely, but the colors only won't make the good wheels. As always, at BlackCat wheels workshop, wheels are custom made for the individual needs of each rider. High stiffness, low weight and within the budget - these are my main priorities. 

In this particular, nice build, Tune Mig 70 / Mag 170 silver hubs with 40mm tubular Duke carbon and pillar Wing spokes gave 1309g on the scale.

Today, when tubular tires can be mounted using tape instead of messing up with the glue, these are still very popular. The clear advantages of tubular rims are low weight and safety in case of a puncture. In addition, they will give you a very high comfort during the ride. No standard tire+inner tube will give you that!

Laszlo for whom I made those wheels gave my clear priorities: high stiffness, low weight, and a budget of 1500CHF.

After checking a few options I decided to use:

- Duke 40mm tubular rims, front symmetric and rear with offset 
- Silver Tune Mig 70 and Mag 170 hubs
- Pillar Wing spokes
- Alloy nipples

Duke rims are really good ones. I made quite a lot of wheels using those and I never had a single problem. They always come with quality and each build is straight forward with very equal spoke tension. This is important and it means proper carbon layers layout during rims manufacturing. 

In the case of those tubular 40mm rims, each rim shows 410g on the scale.

Silver Tune Mig70/Mag170 hubs.

One of the lightest hubs, within a reasonable price. Very good hubs, although you can find a lot of negative reviews on the forum, mainly around cracked flanges. Those issues are caused in 99% by bad builds and not calibrated tension meters. When the wheel is built well, with precision and care, Tune hubs will serve you for years without any issues.

The rear hub has pretty low spaced left flange - 35.5mm so by default I'd use here symmetric rims. However, in this case, I made an exception and used 2.5mm offset rim. Why? Few reasons:
- The left flange has a large diameter, 41mm
- Rims have a high profile, 40mm
- Laszlo is lightweight and in addition, I used ultra strong spokes on drive side - Wing 23 and Wing 21 on non-drive side.

The result? Super stiff wheels. During the spokes stress relief, I could not bend the rear wheel even for one millimeter. In addition, the left side spokes got over 65kgf tension. Very good parameters for long-lasting wheels.

Well-aligned spoke, supporting flange means a good job by wheel builder. Such work will guarantee that the spokes won't lose tension after the first rides and wheel will remain true. This is crucial, especially for limited tension by rims and hubs. In this case, 110kfg. 

As mentioned before, the wheel's total weight is 1309g and all within the budget of 1500 CHF. All based on high-end components.

Duke rims guarantee strong braking due to 3K brake surface.

Wheels built with Swiss precision. Each spoke is cut within 0.5mm precision and a new threads are rolled. Each thread is protected using special compounds from rust and nipple self unwinding. Tension meter is regularly calibrated which guarantees high, and still safe tension. The first wheel service is free of charge. That is all @ BlackCat wheels workshop in Vevey.

Best regards and see you soon somewhere on the road or at my workshop!

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