Monday 27 March 2017

Affordable road wheels for mountain climbing and fast descends...

One of my cycling buddies asked me to build a good pair of wheels for him which would be light, stiff, perfect for long climbing in the saddle and would not break the bank

Sounds familiar? ;-)

After some research we decided that the set will be build based from:
  • Ryde sprint rims (20/24H), 
  • Novatec x-light hubs (white), 
  • CN aero 424 spokes and alu nipples

Set will be around 1300g and 450CHF price tag

Sneak peak preview of rear wheel:

Wheel is 2cross lanced on both sides and weights 723g (!)

I must say that Ryde rims are really excellent. It was a pleasure and very easy to make well trued wheel. 
I used rear rim with offset which allowed me to keep higher tension on NDR while keeping perfect dish.

Rims are wide and measure almost 18mm internally. They should be a good match with 25mm tire. They are shallow but for Alps you don't really need deep rims. 

Each rims weights less than 380g which is excellent result. This is the most important factor if you want to have responsive wheels for climbing.

I can't wait to finish them and try on the bike. I feel that I might build the same set for myself... wheel addicted ;>


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