Sunday 12 November 2017

Roval wheels rescue - mission accomplished ;-)

Some time ago I was writing about a project to replace rims and spokes in Roval wheels. 

This weekend mission has been accomplished and wheels got their new life. 

I must say this was one of the most tricky projects I had this year. Straight pull spokes, internal nipples, triplet lacing and unknown hub measures made impossible to calculate spoke length. The only way was trial and error method.

First, thanks to Malcolm from I got a proper rims for triplet lacing.
Second what I did was calculation of front spokes length. Since it was a radial lacing that was pretty straight forward. I measured hub, rim ERD and calculated the spokes. Ordered, build the wheel and all was OK.
Now the tricky part comes.. :) There was no way (at least per my knowledge) to calculate the rear spoke lengths. So what I did is I calculated the spoke length difference between old and new spokes on front. Then I disassembled the rear wheel, measured old spokes and subtracted the difference. It gave me promising results as NDR side on rear was the same length as front side and since both are radial that made sense. 
To be 100% sure I compared old NDR spoke with front and they were the same :) Since the new spokes on front were OK I knew that rear will be OK too.
So bought the spokes, made a wheel and tried the build. NDR was a bit too long so I shortened the spoke for 2mm. DR was OK.
Seeing that I finished the wheel and the spokes are perfect.

For the future, if anybody has the similar issue with roval wheels the proper spokes are:

Front 276mm for ERD 580, radial lacing, roval hub, straight pull spokes, 14mm standard nipples.
Rear NDR 274mm, DR 264mm, ERD 580, radial lacing on NDR and 2cross lacing on DR, straight pull spokes, roval hub, 14mm standard nipples.

Overall very happy with the build. Triplet lacing is very interesting one as the tension is almost equal on both sides.
I will definitely try that in my other builds.

Nic, enjoy new wheels and safe ride!


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