Thursday 2 November 2017

Valais - La Cyclosportive des Vins du Valais and road to nowhere

August was a month of Valais - windy but nice region with beautiful landscape.

First and the only event which I took part in 2017 was the "La Cyclosportive des Vins du Valais".

Long story short - you ride for a bottle of local wine and the jersey and if you're lucky you can meet famous riders like... szymonbike.

It was a good ride, had a lot of fun and took few pictures:

Carbon wheels were perfect for this ride. Although it was really hot day with a lot of hard braking they did very well and allowed me to maintain high speed on flat parts.

After one day recovery I decided to go back to Valais and explore the other side of Sion, direction to the country of pizza and pasta.
I always say that the best road trips are without any preparation and planning. Same was this time... the Arolla road to nowhere and Thyon 2000 were the breath taking climbs, descends and views.



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