Sunday 17 December 2017

DT Swiss wheels for Dawid from Triglav

It's been a pleasure and my honor to build new wheels for Dawid, the founder of Triglav company. 

Triglav makes one of the best bikepacking stuff available in the market. 

They are well known in bikepacking world from quality, best available materials, precision, smart design and usability of the bags. 
What is unique in their job is that you can send them the dimensions of your bike and they will make the bags matching and using 100% of the available space from your frame.

I'm personally using the few products from them and I'm more than 100% satisfied. I shall put a small review on my blog soon... 

Meantime I build new set of 27,5+ wheels which will be used for many, many escapades. Knowing how and where they will be used, there was a little stress to build them as perfect as possible...

The wheels are composed from:
  • DT Swiss M542 rims, size 27,5, 32holes
  • DT Swiss 350 classic hubs
  • DT Swiss Competition spokes
  • Sapim polyax brass 14mm nipples
Rims are very wide, 35mm inner and 40mm outer width. They are not the lightest due to the size, showing 590g on the scale.

I took extra care into the build making sure that all the spokes are equally tensioned and the spokes are supporting the flanges well.

Front wheel was tensioned to 115kgf on left (brake) side and about 90 on right side.

Rear was tensioned to 120kgf on DR side and about 80kgf on NDR side.

Overall the weight of this set is 2009g (933 front and 1076 rear).
Wheels should be strong and very stiff. 

I only have one wish to DT Swiss - please make the version with the offset! 
Those rims are sensitive for the spoke tension. The radial trueness is impacted with the increase of the tension especially on the rear side as difference in tension between DR and NDR is pretty significant. That results that it's pretty impossible to achieve standard 0.5mm radial trueness tolerance keeping equal spoke tension. 
In this build knowing that there will be plenty of rubber I preferred to have equal spoke tension, lateral trueness in the range of 0.3mm and radial in the range of 1mm. 
If those rims would be with offset it would be much better and easier to make close to perfect round wheel so DT Swiss I hope you're reading this blog :-)

@Dawid - all the best with the wheels. I hope they will bring you  safely to new and wild places during your bikepacking adventures!


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