Friday 1 December 2017

Mountain wheels for Mark

Mark found me via google and contacted me regarding the wheels project. He was looking for light and price attractive wheels for his mountain bike. He is a beginner and rather rides on easy trails, without extreme jumping nor bombing down hills...

After few emails exchanges I decided to make him the wheels from the following components:
  • BOR XMD 333 rims, 650 size with offset
  • Shimano Deore XT hubs (15x100, 12x142)
  • DT Swiss Competition black spokes
  • Sapim silver brass 12mm nipples

The build went very smooth. I'm much more relaxed now having Kowa spoke cutting machine. When the parts arrived I measured the rim ERD by myself and found out 3mm difference vs manufacturer specs. Not a surprise as usually the tolerance is up to 5mm. 
Kowa machine was used for all 64 spokes shortening them to the proper lenght and making the thread once again. All went really smooth and after ~30min I had spokes prepared for "spoke prep" treatment. 
Next was the build which was OK as well. I always try to select the rims with the offset as this allows to have better tension on NDR side.
All in all wheels are ready for first ride. 
Weight scale shows front 730g and rear 925g. Total 1655g
Price tag - 290CHF including lifetime warranty for trueness, one year warranty for parts and the first shimano hubs service free of charge
Those hubs are really price attractive but it's important to service them 1x year. If you do that they will serve you for years...

@Mark - all the best and good luck on the trails. Thank you for choosing my to build your custom wheels


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