Thursday 16 May 2019

Acros Nineteen - alternative to DT Swiss 240

Is there any reasonable alternative to DT Swiss 240 hubs? Yes, there is and it's much better from many reasons...

Don't get my wrong, I do like DT Swiss products but in terms of hubs they have one serious downside - the rear flange spacing... 33mm is just too narrow to make a stiff and light wheel. Rear wheel won't be laterally stiff enough unless high profile carbon rim is used or more spokes in case of alloy rim is given. If the wheel is not well configured for the rider parameters (rim type, spokes count & type or simply stock wheel) the rear wheel will rub the brake pads on every single climb. Many people do not notice that and those who do are usually very disappointed. 
Hubs themselves are very well made, the ratchet system is excellent, bearings high quality too but the geometry just sucks...

So is there any alternative? Yes there is - Acros Nineteen hubs. Those are one of my top three favourite hubs.

Ratchet clutch, excellent bearings, very good geometry, low weight, brilliant look, bearing preload adjustment system and all that wrapped in "DT Swiss 240" price range. For me all checkboxes are ticked and that's why I like to use them so much in my builds.

In this project I used Acros Nineteen hubs with 40mm graphene rims with textured braking surface and Pillar Wing spokes. 
Front hub has 39mm flanges spacing therefore I could use Wing20 spokes which are the lightest steel aero spokes on the planet. For rear I used combination of Wing22 and 21 as the rider is pretty strong. 
As a result for 40mm profile carbon rims I achieved the weight around 1438g and price tag 1299 CHF. Wheels are fast, stiff, stable and good looking. 

In order to highlight the hand-built wheels I tied and soldered the spokes on rear wheel.

Wheels came with brake pads, tubeless tape, spare spokes & nipples, alien key for preload adjustment and Acros dedicated grease for next service.

All ready for ride. @Darek - enjoy your new hoops!



  1. Is this a another version of textured braking surface?
    It dont looks so sharp as the other pictures

  2. no, it's the same textured surface as used in all previous builds. I'll have less aggressive structure soon on the next builds so stay tuned!