Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Badass wheels with Soul-Kozak hubs

Strong, loud and good looking set - carbon 50mm rims with Soul-Kozak M-netic hubs and Pillar Wing spokes.

No compromises in this build - wheels for heavy and strong rider therefore rims drilled in 24/28h to accommodate the weight and power transfer. 50mm profile combined with Soul-Kozak hubs allows to create truly aero wheels. 

Soul-Kozak hubs are one of the best hubs in my offer. Very good geometry, simple construction with two ratchet rings pushed by magnet with no springs inside. Large and stainless bearings makes them long lasting and service free for many miles.   

Soul-Kozak hubs are not for all rim types. They work the best with high profile rims (40mm or more) as the hub's flanges are narrowly spaced. Combining that characteristics with high profile rims makes the wheel stiff due to high bracing angle and very fast as the spokes are hidden behind the rim so they create very small wind drag.

Rear hub has famous M-netic system with magnet instead spring. Free hub is made from high-end steel so even after many years there will be no bites from the cassette.

In this build I used Pillar Wing21 spokes for front and Wing22 for rear. That plus brass nipples created incredible strong and long lasting set with overall weight below 1580g.

Rims with 3k finish with graphene and textured brake surface guarantees strong braking power in all weather conditions.

"Cherry on the pie" - custom decals using Oracal 751 vinyl in Grey pearl colour with "Pi" symbol, the nickname of the rider.

A dream set with high-end and well thought components. All that packed in attractive price - 1199 CHF

Wheels available in my shop. Other configuration with 20/24 and different rims possible. Just give me a shout if you're interested.

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