Wednesday 28 August 2019

Turquoise gravel wheels

Wide gravel wheels saga continues. Similar to previous build I had a pleasure to use wide DT Swiss rims with Soul Kozak hubs to build a very nice set for Raoul.

Raoul was looking for an option for his Kona Sutra orange bike with some turquoise touch. Wheels supposed to be designed for wide gravel tires 45-47C, light and strong to held 90+kg weight including bags.

My response to that was DT XR361 rims which are 22.5mm inner width and only 410g in 29'' size. Soul-Kozak hubs, QR, 28h front and rear with a possibility to convert into thru axle in the future. Low weight, solid build and magnet ratchet system which is trouble free. Pillar PSR 2017 (1.7mm) spokes with reinforced J-bend section (2.2mm), laced 3-cross.


Crazy stiff wheels, sub 1500g(!) weight and sub 800CHF price range. Good looking, solid set of hoops for all weather conditions, bike packing and wild gravel sections. Those wheels will handle a lot for a long time.

Front and rear rims with offset, optimised hub geometry with 3-cross lacing is the way to go for such wheels. 

Nice thing was to match 100% wheels decals to the frame finish. At the end it's all about handmade work and craft. Well spent time as wheels really look good.

And that's not all, Soul-Kozak in limited black edition are coming soon! Stay tuned ;-)


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