Thursday 26 September 2019

The Climbers in Aero version

Some time ago I wrote a bit about "The climbers" wheels series, my first product dedicated for hilly terrain like Alps (but not only)  where stiffness and rim's width matters a lot. 
Today I had an opportunity to build the aero version of those wheels so let me introduce that configuration to you.

Why "The climbers"? Well, riding in Alps and climbing a lot you need few things:

- stiffness, so your energy and power which you put while climbing is not waisted
- wide and stable rims so you get as much grip as possible. That makes the whole bike stable and fast on cornering and switch backs
- aero benefits
- overall light wheelset so you "fly" over the mountains and passes

All this is quite obvious but if you look around you see Mavic wheels having 17mm inner width, DT Swiss with mostly 18mm etc.
The rims I use here have the following dimensions:

First, truly U shape which improves stability and aerodynamics. Second, internal width which is 20mm. That is the key for stability and confidence on switch backs. Such rim is just perfect for 25mm tires and will work well with standard inner tubes but as well tubeless like Conti GP5000TL.
Last but not least depth, in this setup 30mm.

This particular set was built using Bitex RAF12/RAR12 hubs which have really good geometry, long lasting bearings and good price. Antibite system won't allow cassette to damage the free hub.

Front hub has super wide flanges (39.22mm) so I could use here the lightest spokes on the market - Pillar Wing20 with 4.3g per spoke.

Spoke are tensioned to the maximum safe limit. Using spoke tension meter calibration jig I know exact and true tensions so I have confidence that the rim won't crack and I take all possible benefits from highly tensioned spokes. 

In order to increase even more tension, all crossings are tied and soldered so spokes work in pairs:

All that, small and big improvements create "The climbers" series, the wheels which will make you smile while riding up and down hills. 

Price, exact 499CHF which I believe is very fair price for light, wide, aero wheels. With the package you get spare spokes and tubeless tape. Of course everything is handmade in Switzerland by wheelbuilder who rides the bike every day and who understands how the good wheel should perform. That differentiates me and my work from factory wheels.

Interested? Contact me or have a look into the shop here

Thanks for reading!


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