Thursday 12 September 2019

Carbon look and disc braking power with alloy wheels?

Looking for alloy carbon like look with disc braking power wheels? Here they are - Boyd Altamont in 30mm rim profile!

I wrote about those rims in the past already: 

In this build I had opportunity to use 30mm profile rims which are deeper thus a bit more aero and stiffer.

I laced them with Bitex RAF12/RAR12 hubs which are the top on my list if you're looking for budget friendly hubs and at the same time reliable hubs. They have very good geometry and same bearings as in DT Swiss hubs.

Because front hub has very wide flanges spacing I could use the lightest aero steel spokes available on the market - Pillar Wing20 spokes.

Using those the weight saving is pretty significant as one spoke weights only about 4.3g

Rear spokes are selected based on rider's weight and power so here I used Wing22 on DR side and Wing21 on NDR side.

Wheels come with Boyd rim tape and Swiss Stop brake pads.

In this configuration, this particular set weights 1540g without rim tapes. Wheels look really good as they are all grey including brake track, semi aero, light and very stiff at the same time. Those will never fail no matter of weather conditions so you'll be always safe on steep descents. 

Link to the shop where you can order them is here


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