Tuesday 9 October 2018

Boyd Altamont lite Ceramic build

If you'd ask me to choose my favorite wheels I built so far I would choose those, well at least for this month. 
My wheels of the month!

About Boyd and ceramic rims I did mention some time ago during my report from Eurobike 2018 and detailed description of available ceramic rims on the market.

If you're looking for ideal all-rounders, with great braking performance in dry and wet then don't look further, Boyd Ceramics are for you.

I won't repeat what I wrote in previous posts, but in a nutshell, those are the only rims available on the market where the ceramic surface will last for many, many thousands of kilometers. Well designed, wide internally are perfect for every day rides no matter of the weather conditions. Thanks to those you won't need to switch to disc brakes. Stopping power is as good as you need it.

The build I made is based on Bitex RAF12 and RAR9 hubs paired with Sapim CX-Sprint spokes. Yes, the spokes are a bit heavier than popular CX-Rays, but wise customer wanted to have a strong set without looking for single grams savings. Because the rims are not deep and hubs have low flanges the stronger spokes are highly recommended in such build.

Despite a bit heavier spokes the overall weight is still impressive - 1440g without rim tape.

Talking about rim tape, those beauties come with original Boyd rim tape and Swiss stop brake pads designed for ceramic rims. 

Build was done hand made in Switzerland with highest precision. Tension meter was calibrated to make sure front is 90kgf and rear DR 110kgf. Light rims as those do not need higher tension than that. If the wheels are properly stress relieved the tension won't drop after first rides and wheels will remain true and comfortable to ride.

Front was laced radially and rear two cross on both sides. Wheels look sexy and most importantly they are all gray without silver brake track so that will give a truly unique look to your bike.

I like those wheels so much that they come into my standard offer. Many other configurations are possible: D-light spokes with Miche hubs for more budget builds or CX-Sprints with Chris King hubs for more high end build. Whatever build you need, will be done. The stock of those rims is limited, so if you're thinking about such set then hurry up! Make sure that the next pair is yours!

In terms of pricing, all is in the shop. Fair price and e2e customer care makes this very attractive deal. In case you have further questions don't hesitate to drop me an email on [email protected]

@Patrycjusz - thanks for choosing Black cat wheels for your build. All the best with those wonderful hoops!


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