Sunday 21 October 2018

Vintage bikes, beautiful history of cycling

Building wheels have many positive aspects. For me, one of them is the opportunity to meet people who share the same passion for cycling.
Nic is one of my favorite customers as every job from him is pretty interesting, mostly with vintage wheels. In order to see where are those wheels coming from I went to see his collection of legendary bikes.

I love steel bikes and I've seen many of them but the bikes which Nic owns impressed me a lot. Those are not usual steel vintage bikes but carefully selected units, sometimes with signature of the champions.
Two Mosers:

 Vintage, but already with internal cables routing

 Beautifully curved fork

Bianchi, no comments needed:

Principia revolution, the bike which I almost built before Ritchey road logic. I still have original fork which I can sell if anybody needs it.

Bike under 5kg? No problem, here is the one Nic built himself:

Red Chili:

Obviously this is just a sample of the collection. Making a photo shooting of every single bike would take me couple of days at least.

Some of those bikes are for sale. The others not, unless you have really good negotiating skills. Anyhow, if you're interested give me a shout. I'll be more than happy to put you with contact with the owner.

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