Tuesday 16 October 2018

Black downhill daemons

From time to time it's good to rest from road builds and make something really strong for heavy duty mountain use...

On this build the budget was a hard constraint so I had to analyze and select the components carefully to make a strong, downhill capable wheelset but at the same time wallet friendly build.
  • Rims - Ryde disc Bull 26'' with 32 drilling
  • Hubs - Bitex front MTF 20 for 20mm thru axle and MTR12 for 12mm rear thru axle
  • Spokes - 2.0mm strong spokes
  • Nipples - 12mm brass nipples  
Due to heavy duty components, high hub's flanges and small rim diameter wheels came up crazy strong and stiff. I had serious troubles with stress removal as my 75kg total weight was not enough to flex those daemons.

Wheels were laced 3-cross on front and rear. Leading spokes with "heads-in" lacing style. I use this way of building for MTB wheels where torque from pedaling is smaller than on road bikes. In MTB much more torque comes from large disc brakes rotors so "elbows out" on leading spokes make better job. Also in case of chain drop there is potentially lower damage on the spokes.

Spokes were properly worked out to support hub's flanges. Several stress removal steps and boiled linseed oil on spoke's threads guarantees long life-cycle of those wheels.

Rims come with eyelets spoke holes, 31.5mm outer width and 24mm inner width. Officially not compatible with tubeless setup but in reality work well with ghetto setup. Due to that I used tubeless tape which works with inner and tubeless setup.
Total price: 390CHF for such build makes it really attractive option.
Wheels available in my shop here. Customization and change in the configuration of course possible. Just ask.

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