Wednesday 3 October 2018

Graphene Premium dedicated hoops for Joanna

Joanna came to me recently with the simple ask: "I need good and fast wheels for Iron Man in Barcelona. Wheels must be ready ASAP"

All right, let's see what I can do for you I said. 

This build was the fastest build I ever made. From the order to realization in less than two days. 

Before deciding on the final wheels configuration we had a small chat where I took notes of Joanna's weight, power, yearly distance on the bike, bike measurements, frame colors and budget. All this is very important as by doing the custom wheelset you have a chance to get the wheels which will suite you like a gloves.

So taking all this into consideration we decided on the following:
  • Graphene premium carbon rims, 40mm, 17mm inner width in order to fit into the bike's frame
  • Bitex hubs
  • Pillar Wing20 aero spokes
  • Alu nipples
  • Dedicated decals

In addition Joanna got new tires, inner tubes and cassette. All installed and mounted on the bike. With the whole set we stayed within the budget of ~1k CHF

Main reason of going with the bitex hubs was that Joanna is rather light weight person and doesn't exceed more than 350Watts. For such parameters Bitex RAF12/RAR09 hubs are perfectly fine.

Pillar Wing 20 spokes were used to ensure aero dynamics and save the weight. 

Premium carbon rims with graphene brake track were used in order to make sure that the braking is good in all conditions and the wheels will fit into the frame. Going with wider rims, which often have 19mm inner / 26mm outer would cause issues as the frame had tight clearance.

Dedicated decals are a nice touch of the hand-made work. Front decal in white, rear in red to match the frame colors.

Two layers of tubeless tape allowing to install standard inner tubes and in the feature leaving open doors for tubeless setup.

As for the tires, I mounted Vittoria, fast and light in order to ensure good speed and grip in the corners.
All in all the weight of the whole set is 1420g which is excellent.

The rest is in Joanna's hands... or legs I should say. 
Thank you for choosing Blackcat wheels, good luck in Barcelona and all the best with the new wheels ;-)

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