Wednesday 31 October 2018

DT RR411 build for Mark

Custom build for Mark. We ride together in BBVC club so I know how strong rider is he. Configuring those wheels I had to take into account several factors so this build is not just one of the standard DT RR411 in 20/24 spokes count which you'll find in most of other shops.
I wrote that already several times, but the essence of the custom wheel-building is the capability of individual components selection so the wheels fit the rider like a gloves.

Taking into consideration Mark's weight, power and budget I suggested the build using DT RR411 rims. Those rims are ideal for Alps where Mark lives and rides. They are very light so the rotation mass is low and therefore wheels accelerate quickly and are very reactive. The downside of lightweight aluminum rims is lower stiffness. Building those wheels using standard 20/24 config with CX-Rays which are often proposed by other shops would cause flex and brake pads rubbing during climbing out of the saddle. That is why in my case I selected stronger & stiffer sapim CX-Sprint spokes and 24/28 configuration. 

Adding four extra spokes on front and rear adds in total ~50g weight which is nothing really. In return wheels are way more stiffer. 

DT Swiss 350 hubs are pretty good choice for medium budget sets. Option with straight pull has good geometry. Front hub has really wide flange spacing so wheel is extremely stiff. 

Rear hub and asymmetric rim allowed to achieve nice, high spoke tension on NDR side which guarantees strong wheel. 

For all straight pull spokes builds I'm using Park Tool assembly compound to prevent straight pull spoke rotation.

In total the weight of the set is 1590g. Perfect all rounders, ideal for mountain road rides no matter of the weather. Endurance or sprints - you name it. Those wheels will do it all.

As always I gave two layers of tubeless tape. Such solution allows to use standard inner tubes or tubeless tires.
Wheels are available in Blackcat wheels shop

@Mark - happy riding and thanks for choosing me to build your wheels


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