Sunday 7 May 2017

Affordable road wheels for mountain climbing and fast descends...part II

Few posts ago I was mentioning about the project of road light and stiff wheels for climbing

I did one set for my customer and loved wheels so much that I decided to build one for myself

Of course, I customized a bit the build by giving two white spokes to each wheel so all would match to my ritchey road logic which has white handlebar, stem and seatpost. 
Two blue nipples on each wheel are matching to my bartape which is light-blue colour

Wheels are incredibly light (1290g) and roll very fast.
By giving a reasonable number of spokes and classical lacing (2x on both sides of rear wheel) they perform very well on hard climbing when you stand on the pedals

If you'd like to get similar wheels, don't hestitate to contact me
The price tag for those is ~500CHF


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