Saturday 27 May 2017

Reliable carbon clinchers

It took me a while to finish research among many manufacturers for reliable carbon rims, which wouldn't break a bank.
While most of such manufacturers are located in China, I was also able to find and check few ones located in Europe, mainly Netherlands, Germany and France

Finally I pulled the trigger for Yishun bike and their High TG rims. High TG means high temperature resistance, which is essential thing when using wheels in the mountains. They must be as much resistance for temperature from braking as possible so you can descend safely.

Rims are very wide, measuring 26mm outer and almost 19mm inner. You need to double check if your frame and brakes will accommodate such wide rim. If they will, you're lucky and you can enjoy benefits of wide rims, meaning comfort and stability.

The build itself was a real pleasure. In fact, that was the easiest build I did so far. No issues with truing and stress relieving spokes. 
Overall 38mm deep rims combined with bitex RAF10/RAR9 (6 pawls!) hubs and sapim spokes ended up 1480g on scale.

And this is how they look installed on my ritchey logic:

Now, from this moment onward I'm starting the long term review. The first rides show that they roll very well. They are super stiff and combining with Swiss Stop Black Prince race brake pads allow you to brake as good as with aluminum rims.
The feeling is great, meaning they feel 'soft' on small potholes and bumps so ride is more comfortable.
Obviously they help to maintain the speed on flats which is additional benefit.
I had few side winds on descending and no issue with stability.

I do not have any lab for test, so I test all my wheels in a real life conditions, such as:

Cycling with pros and chasing them on descends is the best test you can imagine :)

Price-wise,  above setup will cost ~650CHF. Wheels are assembled by myself in Switzerland where you have a guarantee that the spoke length and tension is right on the spot.

Stay tuned for further review in few weeks/months



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