Thursday 18 May 2017

Wheels without bullsh*t

Wheels which I'm building are ridden by me, on daily basis. 
They are tested hard on climbs, descends, bad surfaces, in sun, snow, rain and whatever else can happen you on the road.

This is the best and most true reassurance of my work I can give you

This weekend was pretty busy. Finally carbon clinchers are done.
Sneak peak preview here:

Between lacing and spoke cutting Ryde sprints wheels got some km on the counter. 

 Some pretty fast cornering. Stiffness is really great

 One of my favorite climb close to home. Road is really bad there, which is hopefully visible on pics below. No issues for wheels at all. They stay 100% true

 Now time to go back to work. H+Son archetype and few other builds are waiting to be completed

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