Wednesday 7 June 2017

Best aero/wide aluminum rims in the market?

Most of us are looking for similar things in terms of road wheels - stiffness, aero benefits, weight and recently width - wide rims became popular recent days...

During that weekend I was able to build two sets of wheels based on newest Kinlin XR-31T rims.

I have to say that I'm very impressed with these. Those are the stiffest rims in aluminum range I had so far. 

Why I'm saying that is because during the build process there is a very important moment to properly relieve the stress from the spokes. One of many techniques is to bend the wheel with your own weight against the floor. During that step you always feel small/bigger flex which comes from the rim itself.
On those Kinlins there was a ZERO flex(!) I was astonished. 
It happen to me in the past only during the carbon build but never on aluminum. 

Now, talking about the numbers:
Rim weight: 480g
Front rim profile:
 Rear rim profile:

As you can see, there is a 3mm offset which is excellent

My build was based on bitex hubs and CN 424 spokes. In total I achieved 1470g weight.

So far, those rims are definitely my recommendation. If only your fork/frame has enough clearance you should go for it. 

They were also marked very well on review:

In case you'd wish to upgrade hubs to something more decent I would recommend to look on Soul Kozak road hubs. Innovative design and lightweight would make those wheels rock'n'roll

Price tag for those with bitex hubs is ~380CHF

Feel free to reach me out for more details if you need.


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