Friday 2 June 2017

Spontaneous loop

I'm struggling with the flu since almost two weeks now. I can't get rid of it, maybe because I have no time to lay in the bed and simply take some rest. 

This week was pretty busy, several wheel-sets were finished and of course daily job in the corporation... blah...

Today, since the weather was good, I decided to go for small spin on flat, just to stretch the legs... well, that was the plan. Obviously that plan didn't work at all: 

Views were fantastic and finally I found the entry to the nice route which I wanted to try already last year. 

The climb was quite steep with many curves. 

Descending was a decent test for my carbon wheels. I have to say that I'm super pleased with them. 
Pairing those rims with Swiss stop black prince was bull's eye - no issue with heating, great braking performance and very pleasant ride.

First 500km are done on those already and they became my wheels no.1

If you are interested in those, contact me or have a look on ricardo/anibis.


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