Monday 12 June 2017

Weekend as usual

Building wheels makes me relax, while testing them gives a lot of adrenaline and I think the second part is a more pleasant part of the job.

The carbon wheels I mentioned few posts back are doing very well. It's over 1k. km on them and LOT of climbing and descending in a hot days. 

I felt very so confident with them that I pulled the trigger and ordered a bigger batch from the manufacturer. 
Soon I shall have them back on stock and ready for build(s).

Meantime, enjoy some photos from last two rides



  1. Hello,

    I found your blog after seeing your posts on Anibis. Good to see that these Carbon wheels are doing well in the mountains. What is the actual width of 25mm tires? Which hubs do you use? Have they remained true after 1000kms? Are they tubeless ready?

    1. Hi Raymond,

      Welcome on my blog and thanks for leaving comment here.

      I will measure the exact width of tires on the rims tomorrow and let you know. I guess it will be around 30mm. Rims are 26mm wide themselves.
      Please note that except of fork/frame clearance you also need to check the brake calipers clearance. I was able to fit them into Campagnolo chorus brakes but with very little clearance on brake pads. I used "Swisstop black prince" pads which I highly recommend for those rims.

      In terms of hubs, I can use any hubs while building those (or any other) wheels, but personally for myself I used Bitex this time. Since I'm using bitex pretty often in my builds I wanted to make a looong distance on them to check the bearings durability. So far so good of course. They are light and roll very fast. They have 6 engagement pawls so they feel very precise when you climb up the mountain. Also, from wheel building perspective the construction of those hubs allows to achieve large bracing angle which is important to achieve lateral stiffness of the wheel.
      I find them the best hubs in the market from price/ratio perspective.
      Other hubs which are worth to consider are "Kozak Soul" hubs with innovative magnet construction. They are "boutique" type of hubs and having them on customized wheels is a high league if you know what I mean ;-)

      Wheels remain true after 1000km and they will be true for a long time ;-)
      The main factor here is the process of wheel build itself, equal spoke tension, proper spoke stress relieve during build etc.
      Since I build all my wheels by myself I can guarantee that.

      Rims are tubeless ready but I'm using them with normal tires so can't comment how do they hold the air tubeless setup.

      Hope I could answer your questions

      With best regards

  2. An update to my previous comment - 25mm veloflex tire with 7.5 bar pressure measures 28mm on this carbon rim

    Hope it helps