Monday 31 July 2017

Emosson - cold welcome

Lac d'Émosson - who've been there knows that's really beautiful place. It's one of the must on your to-do list when you're around Sion / Martigny. 

You can get there by car, minifunic, hike or finally by bike. For me this was the third approach this year, by bike of course. This time I managed to reach the top, but that was the weirdest climbing I did this year.

All started on sunny Sunday, very sunny. It was so hot that during the first half of the climb I was melting literally speaking. There was no sign on earth that the weather will break in less than 30min...

The first warning appeared more or less in 3/4 way to the top when suddenly dark clouds came from nowhere

Few minutes later it was like that:

Obviously I was not prepared for any rain or cold wind. I had no waterproof jacked or anything similar to that.
First few minutes were pretty funny but when the strong wind with thunderstorm came it became serious. Body temperature went down quickly and my teeth started chattering.
Going down was not an option. It was too long descend with climb in the middle. The only way was to wait till rain stops and continue climb till the top where there is a shelter. 
After about 20min rain stopped a bit so I could warm up by pedaling up - all new PR's on strava ;-)
Reaching the top sun came out so I could quickly capture the success

That moment didn't last very long as second storm was approaching fast. Without thinking I started descending hoping I could reach Martigny before rain

Unfortunately I was not that lucky or quick enough I should say. Second storm got me about 10min of climbing before Trient where there is a restaurant and shop.

This time there was no hope for sun so decided to continue and struggle with heavy rain and strong wind. 

Reaching the restaurant the first thing was cup of warm tea. That was the best tea in my life!

After an hour rain stopped so I could descend down to the village. Martigny welcomed my with sun and warm air. No sign of storm or whatsoever. Completely soaked packed myself to the train and headed back home.

Emosson is still one of my favorite's climb but next time I'll check the weather forecast!

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