Monday 3 July 2017

Rainy beginning of July

July came to Switzerland with lots of clouds and rain. 
Not so great beginning of cycling holidays but from other hand there was a great opportunity to test my carbon rims in real rainy conditions.

Saturday I went up to Col de la Croix and descended in a full rain. I must say it wasn't so bad, braking power is lower than on dry, but I was able to descend without stress. 
Worth to say that going down from the hill is not my favorite part. I prefer much more climbing up.

Sunday afternoon was much better. Sun came out so it was a pleasure to do some climbing in a direction to Emosson


After over 2k km in rain and sun, carbon wheels became my wheels to do all. I can say with full confidence that they are very comfortable, safe and help a lot on flat by maintaining the speed.

Feel free to contact me in case you have further questions or you're interested in custom build


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