Monday 19 March 2018

Dedicated hoops for Krzysztof - the Iron Man :)

In every project I'm documenting here I'm trying to show & tell you, dear reader a bit of unique story about the wheels I build. Every set is different as they are all hand made with special care. Time to finish the build is not a priority here, it's about perfection to the smallest details. That is the beauty of hand wheel building craft.

This story shows how you can get a very unique and personalized wheels, your wheels.

Krzysztof is a passionate athlete with excellent results in all disciplines. I remember when he started the first training and I remember very well his excellent results, especially in running. He progressed further and quickly developed the swimming skills and now he's looking to improve his cycling results.

Building the wheels for Krzysztof I was thinking how to give them a bit of uniqueness and special finish... and one evening that idea came :)

 Those wheels are the last one from carbon March's series I did. Similar to my previous posts they are built from carbon 44mm deep rims, laced using CX-Ray spokes and using Bitex hubs. Strong, light and fast enough to feel the difference vs aluminum wheels.

Wide profile of the rim makes them perfect for 25mm tires. They are stable enough confronting with side winds due to modern U shape.

Wheels were finished using standard and custom decals. Name of the rider will make them outstanding from the crowd, especially during Iron Man competitions. I can guarantee that nobody will take this bike by mistake. The flag is also there in purpose so when one day Krzysztof will stand on the podium we all will be proud for him and for the country he represents.


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