Monday 12 March 2018

Mix and match!

Who said that the wheels must be equal? My recent build for Michal shows that different rims depth on front and rear can look good as well.

I got in touch with Michal through the road bike forum. He was looking for decent and price attractive carbon wheels. After several email exchanges we ended up at the following configuration:
- Carbon rims in OEM version, 44mm profile on front and 55mm profile on rear
- Bitex RAF12/RAR12 hubs. 
- Sapim CX-Ray spokes
- Sapim nipples
The priority was weight, price and solid build. All items were checked in this set!

In order to keep aero benefits and have a bit more stable bike during the windy days we decided to use front 44mm rim and 55mm rear. The reason of such decision is that there is much more weight on rear wheel (weight of your butt ;-) and thus it's more stable even if the rim is deeper which from other hand improves aerodynamics. Front is much more nervous and therefore shallower rim improves your bike stability.

In terms of the weight we achieved 1540g for a set. Not bad as for such wide and deep rims!

Hubs are Bitex, commonly used by me when it's about budget & light wheels.  
They use very common bearings so in the future upgrading them to ceramic bearings will improve overall set even more.

Michal wanted to have 2x decals. In this case I used glossy white vinyl which is really nice and shiny.

Price wise - 749 CHF for the whole set: wheels, spare spokes, rim tape, brake pads, valve extenders and titanium quick releases.
I have almost flat price for any combination, details in my on-line shop:

Michal, happy riding and all the best!
Thanks for choosing Blackcat wheels to build your wheels


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