Friday 16 March 2018

Wheels for Roman

Classy, well made, stiff and light carbon clinchers for Roman

1460g for 44mm deep and 26mm wide carbon clinchers. Front wheel with 20 spokes laced radially, while rear wheel with 24 spokes laced 2-cross on drive side and radially on non-drive side.

Simple and working wheelset with weight limit to around 95kg. Rims themselves are capable to carry on the load up to 120kg but they would require more spokes to stay stiff with that weight of the rider.

 In all my builds every spoke is prepared a day before the build. The threads are protected with "spoke prep" which is anti-loosening and anti-corrosion thread prep with PTFE. In addition for radially laced wheels I put a drop of the spoke freeze on each spoke after the build is done.

 Similar treatment is done on rear spokes. In addition on non-drive side I use nipples with anti-rotation protection as with rims with no offset the tension on NDR is half of the value from DR side.

With proper spoke tension, which is usually 105kgf on front and 125kgf on rear DR my wheels are stiff and service-free run for many hundreds of kilometers is guaranteed.

 In this build I used 3x decals made from Oracal 651 vinyl. Any other combination, style or colors are possible.
More details and options regarding those wheels in my shop

If you're looking for more premium carbon wheels I would recommend to build a set from duke carbon rims and DT Swiss or Soul Kozak hubs. Such set allows to make wheels with approx 1300g of weight for clincher rims type.

Feel free to contact me if you're looking for personalized wheels. Good wheels are the key for performance and pleasure from the ride.


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